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Researching Community Partnerships Literature Review

Researching Community Partnerships Literature Review
According to Burke et al., (2001) Community Partnerships are collaborative bodies of organizations that work together to achieve a common goal that is of great importance to the society as a whole. In such partnerships, there is a mutually beneficial relationship where the participating parties have a mutual and beneficial relationship. There are shared responsibilities, power and privileges that are established during the partnership. It is these models that bring about community empowerment and assist the community in gaining influence in matters that are of importance to them. Empowerment
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According to Fennelly (2012) Co-operations can no longer be isolated in terms of being economic entities. Detachment from the society at large is both detrimental to the society of the firm at large. Several drivers encourage community partnerships. One of the factors is the shrinking role of the government in the regulation and delivery of environmental and social objectives in the business sector. There is distrust of regulations that has led to the exploration non-regulatory and voluntary initiatives instead. There is also demand for corporate disclosure from the various stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, investors, communities and various organizations. It is also reported that there are customer interests that have to be met and therefore exert influence the conduct of companies. Growing investor pressure has made it possible for change in company decision-making and assessment. Investors require that companies they invest in must attain a certain level of social responsibility that can only be met through partnerships with the society. In terms of employment, the labor market has become very competitive, and it is only through improving the working conditions that firms can retain skilled employees. Nowadays suppliers are becoming interested in the affair of the business. It is clear that the partners are taking steps to conduct themselves in a socially responsible

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