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Cystic fibrosis (CF) refers to an inherited problem of the mucus glands. Mucus is a substance that is usually slippery secreted by the body to cover the digestive system, lungs, and reproductive system as well as other tissues and organs. CF makes the body to release excessive mucus that is extremely thick and sticky, which can cause various health issues. Among these health issues are difficulty in coughing, chest repetitive infections, lengthy diarrhea and deprived gain of weight. If the condition is not treated it would cause extensive complications, which may lead to early death. Nevertheless, if the condition is identified early and the child is exposed to proper treatment, the
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The diagnosis is also carried out through the sweat chloride testing so as to rule out CF (Wilson et al, 2015). Although, Norm believes the disease is genetic (Peebles, 2005) argues that the disease apart from genetic may develop through lifestyle. Exposure to extremely cold and stuffy areas would cause the disease. Elborn et al (2000) suggest proper screening for children so as to avoid the conditions of the disease which may not be discovered from genetic identification.
In further discussion Giddings (2009) argues that CF is usually incurable if it is not treated early enough. At some point, the problem may not be noted very fast in a way that the family would call for first response by the doctor. He further argues that the accumulation of mucus in the lungs continue to increase making the situation worse. The argument is supported by Orenstein, Spahr & Weiner (2012) who say that the mucus becomes infectious once it is left to accumulate in the lungs and other organs. As a result, other complications may develop rendering the organs irresponsive to medication and the necessary treatment Wolter et al (2002). As such, the authors suggest that it is better to treat the disease much earlier, which calls for families to be on the look to the symptoms of the disease.
According to Munson & Traister (2005) there are a number of challenges that come with the CF condition. They argue that identifying the disease is a major hurdle, which many patients may not

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