How To Characterize C's Pre-Assessment

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C is an above grade level learner in my second grade class. He is an extremely intelligent student performing above average than his classmates. C demonstrated effective listening, speaking, and reading skills. This resulted in C being able to master grade level skills through pre-tests, various class assignments, and post-tests. Prior to covering any chapter, the teacher provides the student with a pre-test to determine their knowledge of a concept. The pre-test also helps the teacher decide the time length needed to spend teaching a concept within the chapter. C scored advanced on his pre-test. This ensured me that C was ready to begin chapter 5 in mathematics being that he understood the basic facts of addition.
After analyzing his pre-test, I feel that his handwriting could improve by writing his numbers fully. C’s progress from the pre-test to the post-test slightly decreased. He scored a B on his chapter 5 post-test. As I was monitoring the classroom during the assessment, I noticed that C was either the first or second person done with the assessment. I encouraged him to check his work prior to turning in the assessment by circling the numbers to indicate that he checked his work for neatness and accuracy. When grading the assessment, I noticed that he missed the questions in the vocabulary section. This concerned me that
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C could also be the leader of a group to assist his classmates that may be struggling with a concept. C is ready for higher level addition, so he could possibly being learning how to add three three-digit numbers. He would also benefit from working with other students that are on his level in which they could all work together on a higher level. I also believe C would enjoy being able to present a lesson to the class with help from the teacher. C needs to continue to be challenged in his learning

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