Listening On Music And Its Effects On Society Essay

1096 Words Sep 29th, 2014 5 Pages
Fours years ago, when I was a freshman in high school, my life dramatically changed. I went from being a happy go lucky teenager to a depressed and selfless teenager. Everything around me felt like it was collapsing and I was drifting away from myself. It seemed like anything I did never went right and I always felt some sort of pain. However, it wasn’t physical pain. It was emotional pain and I wasn’t mentally stable. My mind was full of all sorts of negative thoughts and I needed to find a way to heal me. To put all of my shattered pieces back together. I think painting while listening to music can heal anyone from all negative thoughts. Not only did I experience a ton of negative thoughts from depression, but also so do many other individuals around the world still today. There are tons of triggers that can bring on depression in people, but then this paper would end up being pages upon pages long. Just to name a few would include: losing your job, family member passing away, financially struggling, parents getting a divorce, poor academic levels, getting cancer or some other unfortunate disease, bullying or even getting in a fight with your best friend. Of course, everyone has their ups and downs, but some of these examples could affect you more compared to others who may not think it’s a big deal of they get over it quickly. For those people who can’t heal soon lead to you having very negative thoughts. You may feel helpless, sad, empty, anxious, guilty, or…

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