Lifestyle Profile Essay

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Lifestyle Profile
Rebecca Bielen
March 18, 2013
Martha Owen

Lifestyle Profile
Northwest Medical Center Springdale is a 222 bed facility. The remodeled emergency department has 20 bays’ and when the renovations are complete it will hold a total of 30. Northwest Medical Center Springdale houses the only 30 bed psychiatric unit in Northwest Arkansas. How a consumer lives his or her lifestyle determines how their decisions are made with everyday tasks. A community is profiled through two different types of analysis. The first is called VALS, which is the values and life styles of a particular group and the other is called PRIZM which stands for potential rating index by zip market. The market is defined by the persons
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The immediate effect of positioning is to differentiate the facility from the others and make them stand out amongst the rest. The long-term effect of the new unit is when the same type of unit is opened at a different facility, which may be positioned differently in a different market. Positioning consists of choosing a new unit by which to be recognized and choosing characteristics and highlighting them. “Three main categories generally define a market segment. The first, homogeneity, is the degree to which a common need for a product or service exists within a group. The next, distinction, is what makes this targeted group different and unique from other groups. The third, reaction, is how similar this group's response and decision-making would be to an event or situation that occurs in the market” (Troy, n.d.). According to Berkowitz 2006, “VALS stands for Value And Life Styles, a program developed by SRI International, a Menlo Park, California, research and development company.20 This classification scheme categorizes consumers into one of eight different basic lifestyle groups: innovators, thinkers, believers, achievers, strivers, experiencers, makers, and survivors” (p. 111). PRIZM is another program according to Berkowitz 2006 and “this program examines census data and consumer lifestyle by zip code to develop a geo-demographic profile” (p. 112).
The population for Springdale Arkansas is “211,411 with 88.5% are Caucasian, African-American

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