Essay Life Is The Most Of The Loss

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When you’re young, it never crosses your mind that you’re going to lose a lot of things in life: friends, pets, family members, or even parents. Although this seems like, and is, a sad and serious topic, I’ve learned to make the most of the loss in life. My parents were a lot older than most parents having a child when they had me. My mom always told me I was a “surprise” and I always got offended because it sounded like she meant it as a bad thing. They weren’t really prepared at all to have another kid, being 40 and 41 and having their last child about to leave home, just to have to raise another one. Being that my mom was 41 when I was born obviously the stress of having a baby put her body through a lot more than it was prepared to go through at her age. There was a high risk that when she had me, I would have mental and/or physical problem I would have to deal with. She and my dad had decided that although there were some major risks involved, dealing with both her and me, that God had given them this baby for a reason and were not concerned with the consequences that they might have to face down the line. When I was born, the only problem I had was that I had to be put in NICU for a week due to breathing complications. Other than that, I was a healthy, fat baby. After that week, my parents took me home and I’m guessing everything was fine with me. My mom, on the other hand, that is when everything started going downhill for her health. When I was about two or…

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