Life Cycles Is An Important Milestone For Children Essay example

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Life cycles happen all day, everyday, and all around the world. They are part of every living thing, including us, humans. Learning about life cycles is an important milestone for children, because it helps them to learn how to better respect and care for those around them. Life cycles can be taught in many numbers of ways and can help children to understand and deal with death, births, and everyday changes and growth around them (Arnett). In this sense, “Life cycle stages are sequential and occur throughout the life span of the organism” (NYS Science Standards, 1962, pp. 19). Therefore, life cycle of animals is a topic that must be covered in the pre-primary and primary grades. According to the New York State Education Department:
Understanding the variety and complexity of life and its processes can help students develop respect for their own and for all life. It should also lead them to better realize the value of all life on this fragile planet. (NYS Science Standards, 1962, pp. 17)
Thus, I developed this month long, second grade curriculum unit in which students will be learning about the life cycle of insects, birds, reptiles and mammals through science-based observations and hands on activities that will allow them to observe, explore, and create representations of the butterfly, chicken, turtle, and dog’s life cycles. This unit focuses in a specific area of science called life science. In this sense, life science is and area of science that deals with living things…

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