Characteristics Of The Australian Curriculum

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The year 4 task, takes into consideration different characteristics of the learner. The year 4 science description of context and assessment task incorporates aspects of all three components of the Australian Curriculum; Content Description, General capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, 2016). This allows students the ability to gain knowledge, understanding and skills through identifying, predicting, investigating, discussing and communicating their methods and findings through higher order thinking skills (Frangenheim, 2012, p.9) and aligns with the model for sequencing scientific enquiry in grade 4 (Queensland Studies Authority, 2015, p. 22). This is relevant as according …show more content…
Flexibility allows all students a degree of choice to allow them to choose the format of assessment, so they can express their knowledge and ideas the best way they can (Maden, 2016). This is demonstrated within the lesson plan as students get to choose from a list of animals to research. However, as the classroom includes students from different cultures, this activity could be opened up further allowing students to choose any animal of interest allowing for cultural diversity within the classroom. This would allow for a student centred learning environment where activities are adjusted to the specific needs of the student’s, therefore, bringing their own experiences into the learning situation (Cavanagh &Prescott, 2015, pp 109-110). Whilst the rubric demonstrates flexibility in how the information was taken from more than one website, this is lacking in the task sheet as only one video is used and one online quiz to obtain information. Flexibility is low for the students with an intellectual impairment and considering the large diversity of students in the class, not all students will have to same knowledge, skill or confidence to use the computer for all of the research. Therefore, a wide range of resources should be introduced. Alteration in the marking rubric should also cater for students who are unable to write their

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