An Example Of A Speech On Abortion

Hello, I have neither name nor life yet, but what I do have is a beating heart, I’m about five weeks old and my mother is about to make the biggest mistake of her life and abort me. Mothers in the United States make these same decisions every day and I don’t want my own mother, sisters, or unborn daughter to make a decision like that. Abortion is the killing of a fetus before his or her birth. Everyday men and women go to prison for killing one another, which is illegal, then why is it that abortion still occurs in our everyday life, abortion is murder no matter what way, shape, form or fashion you look at it. By having an abortion you are preventing a life that maybe one day can accomplish great things. Yes, others who are pro abortions may …show more content…
The first person I interviewed was a 19 year old girl who goes to Wiley she is a first semester freshmen who lives off campus and is from Marshall she does not want her name publicize so I will call her Anna. During these interviews I wanted to understand why some women find it okay to have an abortion and what goes through their mind about the touchy subject. Anna told me about her life she is one of the first in her family to go to college most her family member didn’t even past the 6th grade, because in her families country which is Mexico school is not a requirement. I ask her “What was your first thought when you found out you were pregnant” and her replied “My heart was beating fast, I didn’t know what to do, because I want to make my family proud, my mother and father would kill me and I can’t have this babies”. She told me she has always been against abortion but it’s different when you’re actually in that position. Now Anna has not had her abortion yet she recently found out she was 3 weeks pregnant and is thinking about having this abortion but has not came to an agreement yet. She feels like this abortion will “left off a burden of stress from her shoulders” she has told me. Due to the fact that she is only a freshman in college who has never had any employment history, she feels like she is not financially ready for the responsibilities in being a mother. The second women is my Aunt she is 42 and had an abortion when she was 16 years old and till this day she truly regrets it she tells me. Like Anna, my Aunt was scared of what her parents would not only say but do. Her mother was very old fashion and if you got pregnant before you were married and was living under her roof, she would kick you out the house. So when she was only 16 years old, she had an

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