Essay on Lgbt Community Should Not Be Legal

812 Words Jun 9th, 2015 4 Pages
If I could change one thing about the world, I would make homosexuality illegal. I don’t think that LGBT community should be able to get married to their significant other. I find it disgusting and think it should not be okay. I believe that it should be Adam and Eve. It shouldn’t be Adam and John or Eve and Mary. I also think that you should not be able to change your gender. You were born the gender you were for a reason, and you shouldn’t be able to change that.
People may think that I’m bad person because of my feelings towards the LGBT community, but I’ve had things happen in my life that make me think the way I do. Nobody has to agree with me, I’m just expressing my opinion.
About two and a half years ago my mom cheated on my dad and left for a woman. I remember the day my mom told us she was leaving like it was yesterday. My sisters and I were told to sit at the kitchen table because my parents had news for us. We all figured we did something bad because that is usually the place we all went if we got in trouble. With tears rolling down her face she said, “Your father and I have decided to separate.” We had never thought that could ever happen. I always knew there were kids with divorced parents, but I never thought that would be my family. Our mom never told us why she left exactly. She kind of just mentioned her feelings had changed.
At this point, everybody at the table was crying. We couldn’t help it; it was our first reaction to something we never thought…

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