Essay about Letter From My Report Card

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In elementary and middle school receiving my report card was something I dread the most. On top of that, I also dreaded getting the yellow envelope signed by my parents stating that they have received and gone through it. Seventh grade was the year that I have received my first “F”. For that reason, I did not want to hand my parent my report card. It was a Friday, I was in my homeroom and everyone there was eager to get their report card and then leave. On the other hand, I was sitting at my desk anxious and scared to go home. As the teacher, Ms. Dojillo, was calling each students name in alphabetical order, I knew that my name would come up soon. As Ms. Dojillo called “Nichols Don” I knew for a fact that my name will be the next one called. I suddenly heard my name “Vivian Duong”. I immediately stood up and walked as fast as I could towards her and took the envelope that contained my report card. As I was walking home, I was trying different ways to hide the report card. I suddenly realized that my parent does not know that I was receiving my report card today. I thought to myself, “I will not show them and just forge my dad 's signature since his was the easiest”. That plan had made me calm and less scared. When I arrived home, I just continued the day as I usually would which were a quick snack to eat and also watch some YouTube or TV. For most days I spent the majority of my time on my computer and a few hours studying and doing my homeworks. Later on that day,…

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