Biographical Essay: The Autobiography Of Madelyn

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Madelyn’s Autobiography

I once heard a quote from Steve Maraboli,”Let today be the day you love yourself enough to no longer just a dream of a better life;let it be the day you act upon it” I love that quote because I live by it and every day I try to let today be that day. I was born on October 20th,2005 at 5:10 pm. I was the first and the last child born of parents: Crystal and Bob Read. My middle name is from my Memaw Betty Jane, she passed away in 1974. They got my name from the bible,Mary Magdalene. My nickname is Maddy and that’s all people called me in Louisiana but my family calls me Madelyn. In 2006, I was 1, I took my first steps. I can barely remember it, but if my mom and dad talk about it than I can remember and I can picture it in my mind. My dad would hold me and say “Go to mommy’’ and I would crawl. One they did the same thing and I walked a couple steps and fell down. It was only 2 weeks after that I went all the way from my dad to my mom. One of the things that I remember the most about this is that my parents were so very excited.

In the spring of 2010 I started playing T-Ball for Dixie Youth on Teresa’s
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I live in Mountain Home, Arkansas and I go to Pinkston Middle School. I thought this school year was going to be very long and hard because I started with no friends, but it has already been a month of school and it feels like it has been a few days. I am happy about being in Mountain Home because it is nice here, but I miss my best friend Tristi. The other thing I miss about my hometown is Skatetown because I went there all the time with Tristi and we hung out with our other friends. I have matured a lot over the past summer and I am very glad that I already made friends at Pinkston Middle School. I know that Mountain Home will never replace my home town of West Monroe and that no friend will ever replace Tristi, but I am happy here, and think it is going to be a great school

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