Senses In Preschool Science

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Preschool Science
What Are Senses?
Activity duration: Estimate of 80 minutes. Keep in mind this depends on the size of the groups and student cooperation.
Morning circle should take max of 15 minutes to talk about activity
Each station should take 10 minutes of time
Reflection circle time should take 15 minute

Purpose: Children will explore their senses in this lesson plan full of fun activities. It will help them discover an understanding of each sense and how we use them.
Overview: What are senses? How do we use them? These are the questions we will be asking students before and after each activity.
Activity Set-up:
Sense stations will need to be set up the night before or in the morning before class starts. You will need a station
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These items will be placed in a box, like a shoe box, with a hole cut in the top and then placed at the designated “touch station”.
Sight Station: At this station we will have a microscope, magnifying glass and a kaleidoscope. For the microscope pick one item to use in it such as an insect of some sort. It will be easier for this project to have it all set so each child can look in the top and not have to change out the item. For the magnifying glass have some pictures available that have some small object hidden in them such as an animal that children could easily spot. You should also pick a couple other items for student to examine. Place all these items at the designated “seeing Station”.
Sound Station: Musical instrument will be great for this station such as a hand drum or triangle. You can use whatever you would like. Also have some headphones set up with different nature sounds that children can listen to. Place these items at the designated “sound
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Explain each sense and what they are used for. Explain what each station is and what they will be doing at each to learn about what your senses are and different ways you use them. After circle split up into 2 or 3 groups, depending on size of group and helpers you have. After groups are designated you can start your activities at your senses stations.
At the smell station each student will smell a canister and will explain what they smell and how it smells. We can ask students questions like “what body part do we use to smell” and “What is in the canister”? Try and encourage conversation about smell. After each student has a turn ask them “what sense did we use” and “how did we use it”?
Just like the smell table each child will take turns feeling what is inside the box. You will encourage conversation about this sense and help them describe what they are feeling. Use words like hard, soft, squishy to describe these items. The same questions apply here as with smell such as “what body part do we use to touch” and “what item to you feel in the box?”. Again after each student has a turn ask them “what sense they used” and “how did we use

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