What Is My Five Senses

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I participated in the senses challenge supplied by the British Broadcasting Company to test my abilities and regards to my main sensory modalities. I achieved 100%, my first try, on the test. I was not surprised by the fact of my grade as the test was easy for me. The easiness isn 't due to the inability to accurately conduct the senses challenge online or the gullibility of the test taker but due to the fact I was raised in a sensory enhancing environment. The North Dakota environment influenced each of my senses in a positive enhancing matter that still affects me to this day. Growing up in the rural areas of North Dakota as a child I have been given plenty of opportunities of enhancement in regards to my five senses of touch, smell, hearing, taste, and sight. It is very cold, to say the …show more content…
The mouth and tongue is for texture; and therefore, by combining the ability of smell with touch ability of our tongue, we create the actual sense of taste. With my enhanced ability to detect sense I am a self classified, more like unofficially certified, super taster . I can taste everything and let me tell you, there are a lot of things I do not like. I can however appreciate the effort and time of food preparation better than most people even if when I do not like the food. The last two senses of sight and hearing I can not personally speak to as I have bad eyes and I am half deaf in my right ear. I can however address my ability to drive and no visibility during blizzards and on icy roads. "Muscle memory" of the roads are a major component in driving confidently and safely during critical moments of travel. Without the pressure that was on children and teenagers to study the roads in case of emergencies, I would have never gained the ability to drive in those dangerous conditions. I give credit to my ability to see for storing detailed instinctive memory and flashbacks of the roads. Without sight and pressure to study, I would not have been able to

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