Essay on Leo Burnett Case Study

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Globalisation has led to many changes in the international marketing and global advertising industry. Many international companies have projects spanning a variety of nationalities, involving great geographical distances and a range of time zones. In this scenario, companies are forced to make virtual teams - which are comprised of members who are located in more than one physical location (Peters and Manz, 2007). This virtual team trait has fostered extensive use of a variety of forms of computer-mediated communication that enable geographically dispersed members to coordinate their individual effort and inputs (Attaran, 2002). In addition, commitment to a virtual team goal may be further complicated by the single or coherent line of …show more content…
The teams at Taipei and Toronto were assigned to meet the local geographical project requirement and can be termed as satellite, non face-to-face [virtual] teams. The role of the Forever Young virtual teams was slightly different from those teams working in the London corporate office. The working environment and communication between the London face-to-face teams would be much stronger than that between the satellite and corporate office, due to restrictions in communicating meaning using systems like email and ICTs.. In order to ensure effective communication between satellite and global office virtual teams, as suggested by Morris (2008), modern information and communication technologies were widely used, such as video conferencing, Internet and intranet. The challenge for the Forever Young virtual team was to change the global template designed at the London office according to the requirements of the local market localisation strategy. This differentiated their role from other teams in the agency, and the expertise required for managing the sophisticated communication technologies as a replacement of face-to-face communication and global mind set are thus vital for virtual team success (Kirkman et al. 2002). Also, the product is new and improved decision quality and decision

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