Essay on Learning Is Not Just One Straight Forward Definition

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Trying to explain learning to anyone is a challenge I think. I feel as though the term “learning” is not just one straight forward definition. If I had to explain it to someone who hasn’t taken this class, my old definition would have been simply any information gathered and stored in the brain through the use of our five senses. Taking this class, and critically reading the text given, has made me realize that my explanation of learning was only partially correct. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of my own personal learning habits, I can now confidently provide a more accurate definition of the term. Learning is the ability to take in the world around you, while making connections through experience, developing an understanding of those experiences, and applying your critical thinking skills to make appropriate judgments. Taking this class has shown me that learning is more than just memorizing facts.
Identifying my own personal learning patterns and how I use them has really helped me to determine the kind of learner I really am. I am classified as a strong willed learner, meaning I have a higher level of use in all of my learning patterns. I try to use all of them to the fullest extent. My sequence learning pattern is at an use first level with a score of 30. I was not surprised by this score because keeping things organized is mandatory in order for me to function. I always have to have clear, detailed instructions before I can begin anything. I like…

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