Learning About The Frontiers Of Education Essays

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As an undergraduate student at Kent State University, I have become progressively more aware of our educational system in the United States, and the numerous problems that face not only me, but every student in the learning environment. I have begun to grasp the achievement and progress that I enjoy in the same aspect as those who once learned before me. Learning about the frontiers of education, the desire to improve curriculum, and the need to foster students has led me to my choice of study. I wish to build upon those before me who have laid the path out to better the lives’ of my students. These core principles have led to my desire to become an educator. Attending Kent State University Geauga for the majority of my degree, I wish to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Education in Integrative Social Studies, with an emphasis in history. I intend to successfully complete this program and to utilize the skills learned, so I can be successful in my classroom. Upon graduation and licensure, I wish to teach in the Northeast Ohio area. Soon after graduation, I hope to obtain a master’s degree in Educational Administration.
My desire to become an educator came from my previous teachers. Dating as far back as preschool, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. The way the teachers were able to inspire others was something that was enjoyable to see. Every year, I was anxious for school to start. The feeling of having a new role model and learning something new was inspiring. Then,…

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