Essay about Lean On Me, By Thomas Sams

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Lean on me is about a highly qualified independent teacher returns to a troublesome high school. He is tasked with the daunting job or riding the school from drug dealers, gang violence and a host of other complications. On top of all that is mandatory for the school improve the school basic skills test score. Me. Clark has a special connection with all the students but puts extra focus on Thomas Sams, a misguided freshman with a world of potential but no vision for the future. Unfortunately his bold moves and ideologies draw negative attention from parents, staff and school official and Mr. Clark is face with the facts that needs collaboration in order achieve all his visions.

Firs Name: Thomas Sams
Gender: Male
Age: Thomas Sams is a freshman in high school.
Affect: Mr. Sams is a misguided ruffian who not only partakes in drug use. Moreover Mr. Sam has not desire for education and lacking the motivation for self-success; until he meets Mr. Clark.
Family History:
Presenting concern: Taking drugs, skipping class, no goals for the future
Clint support: Mr. Clark, parents, and classmates
Client goals: Stop using drugs, gain purpose for life, get good grades

Entry: Mr. Clark has just realized that he to collaborate with others to fulfill the goal reaching the troubled students and helping them realize their purpose in life. I am brought in as a consultant to tackle the need for inspiration for the students. To have them see that they have a purpose and they can do…

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