Cullman City School Case Study

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In today’s educational setting there are various major issues that constantly need to be addressed and dealt with. Often times these issues are so vast and so severe that the idea of even where to begin is almost unfathomable. These issues range from academic concerns, to financial concerns, and continue with personnel and staffing issues. Many school systems face such dire problems, that it is almost impossible to resurrect their institutions to get them on the right path to success. By possessing the ability to recognize the most pertinent issues facing a school system, administrators can develop a plan of action and then implement that plan to hopefully create positive change that can have a lasting positive impact on the school. An …show more content…
The issues that appear to be consistently of concern when interviewing various stakeholders included the current and long-term budget, inconsistent leadership, and a lack of a long-term plan to address the much needed renovations of the facilities within Cullman City Schools. Upon further research and investigation, it is determined that with the complete renovation of Cullman High School, added to the various previous building projects, Cullman City Schools is facing an exponential budget strain. Also, the quick turnover in leadership, such as having three superintendents within the last four years shows the lack of consistent leadership for Cullman City Schools. Another, major issues of concern for most individuals is the lack of a unified vision that focus on upgrading or constructing new facilities on the middle school and elementary campuses. The aforementioned issues seem to be of great concern for a great number of individuals who are involved with Cullman City Schools. Most individuals feel that the system lacks a clear plan of action to make sure that these issues are resolved in an effective manner. Cullman City Schools lies within a community of residents whom have always maintained high expectations for the local school system and are very much involved in the decision making process that affects the children of the

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