Leadership Theory Of Leadership Style Essay

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Evaluate Leadership Theory Leadership style is the approach or method in which a leader motivates people to operate within an organization. GM style of leadership started in the direction of Laissez-Faire leadership whereas the leaders were not actively involved and had the expectation that the employees were making good decisions for the company (Cherry, 2015). This was evident by the fact that the CEO Mary Barra was not aware that a problem with the ignition switch existed for 11 years at GM (Kuppler, 2014). Once the CEO became aware of the problem the leadership style started to shift to a Participative style whereas guidance was being offered to the employees and the leadership team allowed employees to provide input as well.
Some decisions and characteristics of management that led to the change in leadership style included naming Jeff Coyer as the Vice President of Safety for GM, adding 35 safety investigators to help identify issues sooner and developing a Speak Up for Safety program (Kuppler, 2014). This program was a vehicle in which employees could use to report possible safety problems early as well a way for GM to recognize any employee who identified a problem. One of the most important decisions was placing senior management at the center of any issues to be assured that the issues would make it up to the CEO in a timely manner (Kuppler, 2014).
An internal influence that could have cause the shift in leadership style could be to eliminate employees from…

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