Leadership Theory Of Exemplary Leadership Essay example

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Numerous studies have shown that a healthy workplace environment improves quality care to patients, and increases the productivity of an institution (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario [RNAO], 2013). This can be achieved through an effective interprofessional collaboration and teamwork among health care providers (RNAO, 2013). In the current healthcare setting, multiple professionals collaborate to provide an exceptional patient-centred care. It is inevitable that one discipline leads other caregivers to resolve patients’ health problem. An exemplary leader should not only promote interprofessional collaboration among the followers, but also should encourage others to lead when his or her expertise is needed. The purpose of this paper is to compare that the practices of exemplary leadership are more suitable than transformational leadership in an interprofessional practice.
Practices of Exemplary Leadership by Kousez and Posner (2012) believe that anyone can be a leader, regardless of an authoritative designation. Exemplary leaders inspire health care professionals to lead a particular situation, contingent on their expertise and client’s needs (Kousez & Posner, 2012). For instance, a newly hired nurse, who had extensive pain management skills, can guide the rest of the healthcare team in controlling patient’s pain without getting lethargic. However, the team does not seem to consider the suggested alternatives of pain management since she is new to the facility. The…

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