Leadership Style Of Leadership Styles Essay

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Assessing My Style of Leadership
There are many great leaders in this world, but they don’t all use the same method or style of leadership. Determining your leadership strengths and weaknesses can help determine a leadership style that best suits you, enabling the identification of ones strengths and the opportunity to improve weaknesses. Doing so will help you maximize your leadership abilities. I will be using the University of Kent Leadership Assessment to assess and explain my leadership style. These results will be analyzed and examined to see which assessment results were most surprising. Following that, ways this style can be used in my workplace and personal life will be considered along with where this style is commonly employed, by whom, and with what effects.
My Leadership Style
After completing the leadership style assessment, I received my highest score of 44 in the participative leadership style. I scored a 39 and 38 in transformational and laissez faire respectively, while my lowest scores were in the procedural style at 31 and authoritarian at 28. The website describes this leadership style as having a medium amount of control. It goes on to say that generally this leader makes the final decision on matters, but the team members all contribute to the process of decision making. Finally the site list the pros as making the team members feel like they have control over the process and this increases their satisfaction and keeps them motivated. The cons for this…

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