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This past semester in class we have discussed many different theories, models, and philosophies about Leadership, but in class learning can only take you so far. This past semester, whether or not I wanted to I was looking for different instances that modeled what we had learned in class.
The only time worth noting was the day that instead of watching the Aggies v. Alabama, I had the good fortune to represent my organization, Women 's Chorus, with a few other girls (and a father), by working a concession stand in the Zone in Third Deck of Kyle Field. That game was an ‘early’ game, with kickoff being about two o’clock, which meant the concessions stand workers had to be there at eight, and ready to go to our assigned stand at nine. None
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Through the setup for the day, four or five other stand managers came over and tried to tell us what to do when we were lost, so we did as we were told because we didn 't know better, and it never failed that our manager would come back from wherever he was to show us how to do it in the way that would work best for our little group in a large stand. Throughout all of this, I was only half paying attention to the task in my hands, because it was usually something menial that didn 't require much thought. The other half of my mind was, without my permission, wandering through all of the different leadership styles that I had just seen, from other stand managers, our stand manager, our team leader Sarah, and from each member of our team. Watching the different leadership styles from each person, whether they were in the front heading up the group, or following quietly, or working hard and giving words of affirmation as the group started to lag or fall behind or get discouraged. Watchin the styles in play really helped clear up what we had been talking about. I am a firm believer in earning respect, and our stand manager hadn’t done that until right before the gates opened for the spectators to begin to find their

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