Leadership Program For A Diverse America Program At Princeton University

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As a low-income student, I was burdened by the thought that asking questions—especially in a room of talented students in my calculus class—was a sign of weakness. I felt I had to say “sorry” whenever I raised my hand, afraid to show any sign of confusion or incapacity.

However, during the summer of my junior year of high school, I attended the Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America Program held at Princeton University. LEDA is a program aimed at developing the leadership potential of high achieving, underrepresented and low-income students in a university of workplace. In the Aspects of Leadership Course, my instructor Mr. Rosenthal echoed that leaders are to create and inspire their constituents to become leaders. Hearing him speak was the first time when I realized that I have the confidence and ability to be a leader in my class. And since then, I felt no more fear of asking questions or participating in class, which is a problem for many low-income women students. As a result, I inspired other students in the class to ask questions, and by the end of the year, everyone benefited by the full participation because we were able to gain a more in-depth comprehension of the material.

And I soon became a proponent of women leadership and empowerment, since I myself had to train myself to become confident in Princeton as a low-income student. My mentor Sylvia Courtney, who worked as a Vice President for Engineering at Raytheon, explained to me, “Women in the business…

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