Leadership Plan For A Leadership Development Plan Essay examples

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A leadership development plan forces individuals to take an assessment of personal strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Even more, aligning leadership development with overall corporate strategies, values, and mission is the best of all worlds. As reported by Mirocha et al. (2013) “aligning leadership development strategies with company values and culture differentiate the top performing companies from the others” (p. 23). Therefore, presented is a leadership development plan which aligns with my corporation’s vision, mission and goals and incorporates effective leadership strategies and overview, leadership self-assessment, and leadership developmental goals.
Effective Leadership Overview/Summary As business and the business landscape continually changes, leaders must be prepared to know and understand different leadership styles and what works best within their organizations. As stated by Delmatoff and Lazarus (2014) “ leaders must understand the value and critical importance of delivering an emotionally and behaviorally intelligent style of leadership to ensure that their staff feel empowered and supported as they work through and implement some of the greatest [organizational] changes” (p. 245). Leaders failing to understand that style must ebb and flow with the changes within their organization and team, will ultimately become ineffective, unproductive, and inefficient (Delmatoff & Lazarus, 2014). Leading by example and projecting a strong sense of…

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