Leadership Lessons from Anne Fudge Essay

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Lessons on leadership from Ann Fudge

Question 1: How would Ann Fudge fall into the each of the Five Factor Model (FFM) categories?

Classically the key pillars of Five Factor Model are: (cited in Journal of Applied Psychology, 87: 530-541.)
 Openness
 Conscientiousness
 Extraversion
 Agreeableness
 Neuroticism Openness to experience: Ann Fudge’s journey over the ladder of corporate success including her two year sabbatical clearly cites the example of her welcoming attitude towards newer avenues and their integration in routine business. Her effort towards focusing on the creative aspect of her team members is distinctively suggestive of her inventive trait.
Conscientiousness: This category is outwardly portrayed by Ann
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Thus her qualities like keeping in touch with the employees, focusing on their creative aspect and generating a balanced team for desired project exemplifies her distinctive leadership qualities.
Question 3: Ann Fudge decided to take a sabbatical to focus more on her personal life. Based on her experience, what are some of the benefits to such a break? What might be some of the drawbacks?

Benefits: With the high stress job in the corporate world the sabbatical comes as a logical step charted carefully by Ann Fudge. The statement that the sabbatical was not out of job dissatisfaction but was to add more meaning to life, exhibits her interest in pursuing new experiences which can be clubbed later with her inbuilt management skills. This aim is evidently proved seeing the massive growth of Y&R after her joining as the CEO. The break has added a new flavour to her golden recipe of success. Drawbacks: The potential for missing the new developments in corporate world by being absent for nearly two years from the scene are quite high for Ann Fudge. Also her taking sabbatical at career high might be interpreted as a sign of escapism by few. However, as discussed above the increasing success of Y&R are seemingly putting end to all such negative points on the success story of Ann Fudge.

Goldberg. L.R., 1990. An alternative “description of personality”. The big-Five factor structure. Journal

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