Essay on Leadership Is The Path Goal Theory

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Contemplating of the components of what leadership is, society has a variety of definitions on what defines a leader. For one individual, a leader could be a person that has wonderful interpersonal skills, can communicate flawlessly, and can plan activates accordingly. For another person, leadership can entail being an emotional person, being humble and asking for help when needed and can independent while being dependent on others. However, the concept of leadership is much more complex than society realizes. Leadership is much more than just qualities or an individual’s actions, leadership has a conglomerate of dimensions and structure that can be complex. One significant theory of leadership is the path-goal theory. The path goal theory, which was developed by Robert J House in 1971, is a leadership theory that “highlights the relationship between leader behavior and situational aspects of the organization.” (Stojkovic, Kalinich, & Klofas, 2015 p 203). The oath goal theory is also influenced by the theory of motivation, where a leader’s behavior influences the employees’ behavior and actions if their satisfaction is met. Effective leadership is a component of path-goal theory, which requires a certain degree of guidance and management in the work environment. In the path-goal theory, there are four types of leadership styles that can are connected with a leader’s guidance and management. In any of these four leadership style, a leader can exhibit any of them in certain…

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