Sabatier Leadership Style

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Leadership is a very complex thing that does not have a standard definition. Leadership is an intricate topic that has many different ways to interpret it and many different ways to live it. Leadership is having authority with certain characteristics that will help one succeed and help the environment around them succeed. A good leader is someone who knows that they need to put the needs of others above their own for each persons to succeed. Being a leader is a big responsibility, for the fact that many other people are depending on the leader to bring them success. Leadership can be shown in different aspects of life, all calling for different types of leadership styles. leadership is used during certain circumstances and yet can be a part …show more content…
having confidence can also be seen as arrogance or bigheadedness but if delivered with the right intentions it can be avoided. However it is easy to misread ones attitude and in return think that they have negative qualities when in truth they are contributing to the condition in more ways than one would think. As stated by Marielena Sabatier CEO “Such leaders mistakenly think they can’t show any vulnerability because they’ll look weak so instead create a persona they think looks better.” Understanding the needs of the people and having a foundation of how to solve problems is very good to have. Sabatier made a point to say that these ‘Doctoral leaders’ are the ones that are unpopular and not liked by their team. While their ego wouldn 't take a challenge and leads the environment to become negative which will suppress the resourcefulness of the team. The negative environment will feed and create antagonism in the work place which is not good and will not get anything done. Confident leaders think separately and humbly with good ways to interpret criticism and listen to community’s opinion. If one lacks the confidence needed to lead all is not lost, for there is multiple ways to gain self-confidence that would help improve function throughout the environment toward the multitude. There is the obvious things you can do that would help such as putting more effort into ones appearance such …show more content…
Knowing how to communicate with an audience or a group is important because one needs to find a way to relate and inspire the targeted audience. According to Lance Wright who is senior vice president of human resources and administration for USEC Inc. states: “Rarely have I seen an effective leader who was not a good communicator…the leaders who are considered effective communicators are those who are able to speak plainly, clearly truthfully, honestly and sincerely to others in the organization…the best leaders practice it effortlessly.” Communication is very important because it is how one expresses themselves and their ideas. Being a leader and not having strong communication skills is a combination that will not last because it is so essential to success. Communication has many ways to deliver the information. According to an Adolescent Health & Wellness article by Beverly B. Palmer “Perhaps the most important critical skill to master is effective communication because it helps others to understand you, increases your understanding of others, increases others ' positive feelings toward you, and decreases conflict.” Beverly Palmer clearly states that communication is very important. Many believe that communication is the building block to good leadership. There are different forms of communication; verbal, written, electronic, nonverbal, and face-to-face. Each form can be interpreted

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