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Week 5 Case Assignment

Read Ch. 7's Leadership Case Problem A - "Ray, The Empowered Athletic Club Director" pp. 242-243. Analyze Questions 1-3. 1. How effective is Larry’s approach to empowering Ray to boost enrollment?

I would say that Larry’s approach to empowering Ray to boost enrollment wasn’t effect at all. Larry told Ray, “Ray you are empowered as the manager to boost enrollment working within your advertising budget. Boosting enrollment is your responsibility, not mine….” With that being said I would say that isn’t much of an empowerment speech or boost. He should have given him some ideas of how to get more people in because it was clear that Ray was doing everything to try. There isn’t much Larry can do to empower him
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2. To what extent do you think Maya’s behavior is justifiable?

Honestly I don’t think Maya’s behavior is justifiable at all. As a leader you are not supposed to manipulate your workers so that you can succeed. If you are doing what is right and building the proper relationship amongst your workers and actually rewarding them with what you say you will, then there shouldn’t be an issue at all. As for the way she did Courtney, if Maya really did help Courtney then I’m sure Courtney would’ve credited her for helping. Its all about the relationship you have with your workers and clearly by her behavior she doesn’t have a positive nor proper relationship with them.

3. How should Ivan and Courtney have handled the situation?

In my opinion, I believe they should have reported her to someone higher up than her. Her behavior isn’t something that a leader should have. Someone needs to know what she is doing and how she is treating her workers so that she can no longer hold the place of being a leader. She isn’t showing good leadership skills and should no longer hold a title that she cannot fulfill.

4. What suggestion might you offer Maya for being a more effective leader?

I have a couple of

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