Characteristics Of A Great Leader

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There are many different qualities that make an effective and exceptional leader, and they all use different styles to do the job. The main task of a leader is to get the job done with good results (Goleman 79). A leader does not necessarily have to be liked to be effective and be great. Just because a leader is not liked, does not mean they were not or are not good leaders. There are many different leadership styles all with different views on how to lead. The different styles of course work better for certain people. There are many key factors in being a good leader, and many different leadership styles that can make someone a great leader. There are multiple characteristics of a person that make them leader material.
To be a good leader
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For a person to be a good communicator a person must be a well speaker meaning they speak with a certain tone of voice and preciseness. Leaders need to be confident no matter what the company may be going through (“Qualities That Make A Great Leader”). They need to make their employees feel confident, they cannot do that unless they themselves are confident. A leader needs to have the ability to delegate, they need to be able to trust the people that work for them in order to get things done efficiently (“Qualities That Make A Great Leader”). If a leader fails to delegate they will likely fail due to the amount of work they will need to complete to advance in the company. Another important character trait a leader needs to have is creativity, they need to be able to come up with new ideas to keep the company relevant (“Qualities That Make A Great Leader”). If a leader is not naturally creative they will need to delegate to their employees if they cannot delegate they will not be able to successfully discover new products, slogans, advertisement methods or things of this sort. Leaders need to be committed to the company and team that they have working for them (“Qualities That Make A Great Leader”). If a leader is not committed it is likely that the people working under them will also …show more content…
The Coercive style requires employees to be attentive and prompt and do exactly what the boss says. It is used best when a company is experiencing financial problems or problems between employees because it can create immediate results. However, the main downfall with the coercive style is that it creates a negative work atmosphere (Goleman 79). When people are unhappy at work their performance tends to decrease and employees began to slack off. The Authoritative style allows leaders to make people see a certain thing and move forward in obtaining it. This style is best used when a company needs to become more innovative, and create new ways of doing things. It typically impacts the workplaces in a positive way (Goleman 79). The Affiliative style is best used when you need to encourage your employees to become closer and bond. This style often creates a happy workplace (Goleman 79). Democratic leadership style allows employees to voice their opinion and give input on certain things in the company (Goleman 79). Pacesetting sets a high pace for employees to follow if, this method is good to use when you need to get things done quickly and efficiently, however, it does typically cause a decrease in morale in the office. Coaching allows leaders to prepare their employees for the future. It is used to help create long-term benefits; it will also

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