Essay on Leadership As A Effective Leader

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People know who great leaders are. Ask people to name great leaders, and they throw out names such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi, for example. However, when asked to define leadership, or what characteristics a person must exhibit to be an effective leader, they often struggle to offer responses. This is because who a leader is and what a leader does changes with each situation. That is to say, the concept of leadership carries different meanings depending on time, place, and purpose. Sometimes, some people’s leadership styles contradict the way other people perform their leadership roles, making understanding and defining the notion of leadership challenging. However, a survey of literature on the topic of leadership can help us to understand how people perceive and perform leadership in various contexts, providing a broad multi-disciplinary understanding of the topic.
The notion of leadership, then, carries various and sometimes contradicting meanings. For example, leadership in the criminal justice system often involves the ability to shape others’ behavior (Andreescu & Vito 2010); however, in other settings such as in the field of education, leadership may involve growth experiences such that an individual becomes more responsible for his or her own self through various growth experiences (Higham, et al., 2010). Furthermore, leadership to some Christians, for example, involves what at first may seem counterintuitive, recruiting others to follow [a…

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