Leadership Styles Pros And Cons

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Leadership skills is very important in today's world. Different leader have different styles of handling a group or an organization. The leader have to play an important role in conducting and managing the task given. Choosing the leader with the best leadership skills is very important for the subordinates as they need to listen to his orders. For some leadership styles, the leader only plays minor role while the subordinates needs to do the decision-making themselves. But most of the leadership styles needs the leader to lead and guide the group members. There are several leadership styles in this world, but the most commonly used is Democratic, Authoritarian, Paternalistic and Laissez-Fiare. To be specific, Democratic and Authoritarian leadership …show more content…
From the view of democratic leadership style, the advantages is that everyone in the group is the leader. This means that everyone is given the authority and the right to voice out their opinions and ideas without feeling afraid that their ideas will get rejected. They will consider all the ideas carefully, so that nobody will feel offended. However, there is also disadvantages of practicing democratic style. Some leader might listen to the employees' idea but it ends up they do not satisfy the requirement of the project. This might lead to trust issues between the higher management and the leader. Moreover, authoritarian leadership style shows some advantages such as the decision can be made really quickly as there is only one person who decides, representing the whole organization. Plus, the strict command given by the leader can train the employees on how to tackle time and how to settle their work properly. However, there is also many disadvantages of authoritarian leadership style, which is the employees will feel less motivational because they are unable to show their creavity during decision-making. The subordinates will feel like they were forced to do their work and had to do it because of money. This is no good because they need to enjoy their work if they want to

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