Leadership And Guidance Is The Building Blocks Of All Major Organizations That Are Still Surviving Today

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Leadership and guidance is the building blocks of all major organizations that are still surviving today. The United States Navy, being one of those incredible organizations that are still building and guiding leaders, is still the most dominant service that this country has to offer. It is the Navy’s strong imprint on my life and strong leadership qualities that propels me towards joining. Throughout my years of life I have intuitively been called and seen as a leader. Through my years of high school, participating in programs at college and building my character, It has became clear that I am an leader. As a student in high school, I received my first encounter of becoming a leader while participating in my school ROTC(Reserve Officer Training Corps) program and high school Marching band. I soon started to find out that Honor, Courage, and Commitment will drive me the rest of my life. With Honor, I was seen as a trustworthy candidate for the program. With courage, I had encountered obstacles that I never thought I would overcome. Lastly through commitment, I was able to set myself on a pathway that will lead me to this very moment. I also was granted a chance to participate in summer training in Virginia at Fort Pickett. During this time I served as a Section Leader for Delta Company. My section was ranked as the top most organized during my 4 weeks at Fort Pickett. I had to step out of my comfort zone and lead others to different training sessions and field duty. With…

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