Leadership : A Successful Leader Essay

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Leadership Research Essay To be a successful leader, one must know how to follow. Leaders must be ready and willing to take direction, listen to peers, staff and be supportive. There are numerous leadership styles, models and theories. Leadership approaches vary from trait, behavioral, situational, skill and psychodynamic. These approaches discuss specific leadership traits, specific situations on how leaders should lead, how they act and what leaders do, and the dynamics of human behavior. A leader’s capability to use one’s education and expertise to achieve goals would be using the skills approach. Specific abilities that can be learned or developed are classified as skills approach. Skills approach describes what leaders are capable of. Skills approach defines me as a leader. There are three skills that effective leadership depends on: human skill, technical skill and conceptual skill (Northouse, 2016). I use my extroverted personality, drive to be the best at my job and my resourcefulness to connect with my followers. I am a Libra and our strengths are diplomatic, hospitable and peaceful. My mom always said I never met a stranger. I am kind to everyone I meet. I am pretty much always in the same, upbeat mood. I love being a peacemaker and as a result I know how to diffuse a hostile situation quickly.
Human skill is more than being a people 's person. Human skill is more than being outgoing. Kaufman (2009) said human skills is comprised of writing, rapport,…

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