Last Day With English 101 Essay

1094 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
Last Day Diagnostic Today is my last day with English 101 and I’m pretty happy with how I have done over the course of these 15 weeks. English is certainly not my strongest class that I have taken and I often criticize my work, which makes it very difficult to write anything at all. I always have a lot to say but to get it down on a piece of paper is usually very hard for me. However, for this semester in English 101, I felt that I did a pretty good job at getting all my ideas down and have been pretty happy with my grades for each essay. I definitely have come a long way in this class and in English all together, which is very reassuring to be able to overcome one of my tougher classes without any issues at all. In this piece I will describe how my writing has improved, how I can make my writing stronger, and describe my best/worst pieces of writing in this class. To begin, my writing has definitely improved over the course of these 15 weeks. In my past English classes I would have at least one or two essays that have fallen below a B. That was not the case for English 101, which gives me a lot of confidence when writing an essay. I also feel that my sentence structure, grammar, and simply just getting my ideas down on a piece of paper have greatly improved since my first day in class. Also, I did very well on my class assignments such as; critically thinking about a piece I read, fragment assignments, and even the comma assignments we had to do as well. Fragments and…

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