Last Day Of School At School Essay

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Last Day of School Under normal circumstances the number of days in a school year is 180, that is 180 days which we would be counting down all year until summer vacation came around. At the eventual end of a school year we are filled with many different emotions, emotions ranging from happy to sad. When the school year ends we are presented with many changes because during the year we get into a daily routine. We get used to seeing the same people everyday, waking up and heading to school knowing we’re going to be there for the next seven hours, and having homework to do, amongst other things. We have a total of 12 last days of school during our childhood, and each last day brings something new. The last day of school was always an exciting time. We were walking into the building knowing that we made it through another year of school, and had nothing on our minds besides what we were going to with our free time for the following three months. Upon entering the school on the last day of the year you could immediately feel the excitement from everyone, including the teachers. We would always have a gathering in the gymnasium where all of the staff and students would would sit back and listen to the end of the year announcements, such as retirements and awards. You could feel all the excitement and positive energy in the room. The whole last week of school was usually just preparation towards the year coming to an end. The last week would give me the same feeling as the week…

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