Lacrosse Goalie Research Paper

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How To Become A Successful Lacrosse Goalie

Goalies of any sport are never seen as stars or an MVP. It’s usually the guy who makes the most goals who get all the praise and that’s reasonable. I mean, after all isn’t he bringing home the win? Wrong. Although, the goalie position usually gets no merit but the goalie is the most essential player on the team. Google’s oversimplification of the goalie position in lacrosse is far too insulting to take seriously. It says all you have to do in order to be a lacrosse goalie is work on your reflexes, learn how to save shots, and successfully pass to other players. It takes so much more steps for you to become a great goalie. The goalie is an intricate and complex position that
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You’re expecting me to give you a step by step, in depth explanation of how to save a ball, but much to your dismay, I don’t have one. The reason being that it’s pretty much an instinct you have or you don’t when it comes to saving a ball. What I can give you is a breakdown of shots you’ll encounter. There exactly seven quadrants the attack players are trained to shoot at: stick-side high, stick-side hip, stick-side low, off-stick high, off-stick hip, off-stick low, and five hole. Stick-side refers to your dominant hand’s side, so if you’re a right-handed person the stick-side refers to the right and the off-stick side refers to your left hand. High refers to anything above your head going towards the top corners of the cage. Hip refers to the very vulnerable space adjacent to your hips. Low refers to anything below the hip towards the the bottom corners. Lastly, five hole refers to the space between your legs. You might be asking yourself: “How the hell do I know if a player is going to shoot in off-stick side five hole or whatever?” The answer is you don’t know, well not with full certainty anyway. But a tip to follow is to never look at the shooter’s eyes and always pay attention to the head of the stick. Eyes are always deceiving, it's so easy to look at the top right corner yet shoot for the bottom left. The placement and direction in which the head of the stick is shooting is your most accurate tell sign of …show more content…
I’ve told you how to save a ball. You’ve unlocked the key to truth and life. Once again, my friend, you’re wrong. Not only do you need to try and read minds to try and save a ball, you need to process everything going on the field and scream it out to your defense in the hopes of them actually doing something. (That’s a joke. You are absolutely nothing without your defensive end.) You are the goalie. You see everything on that field. It’s your job to tell everyone what’s going on, including yourself. You have analyze what the other team is doing right, what your team is doing wrong, and yell out to your team how to fix themselves. But you can’t yell out the fixes in common language. No, you have to develop a secret language that only you, your team, and coach know. If the goalie doesn’t talk, the whole team

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