Essay on Lack Of Participation Of Parents / Family Involvement

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The problem that needs to be researched is the lack of participation of parents/family in a child’s education, and how it affects them academically. I will be collecting data from many different sources to find solutions to the problem, and to show how big of an issue this is. Conducting a literature review is my first step in this process, I will be conducting a through and exhaustive literature review to include: Books, internet, journals, statistics. The literature I will be using will be from scholarly resources. I will be reviewing other schools that have been successful in parent involvement, and a review of the programs they use to become successful. Here is a sample of some of the literature reviews I will be using:
Reviewed literature Yael Fisher a contributor to the Universal Journal of education states in a published piece that it is proven fact that children that have parental involvement in their education do better than those that do not. Yael conducted a study using questionnaires to 140 parents, 145 teachers, 120 students, and 30 high ranking civil servants in education. In this study, he included four categories, resources, school welfare, control processes and pedagogical and well-being contents. With this study, we gained a better knowledge of what is meant by parental involvement. Yael states that involvement can be either passive or active, consists of parents being involved both inside the school, and at home ( Fisher, 2016). A study was…

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