Kinesio Tape In Football Players

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Title: Does using kinesio tape have an increase within flexibility in a players hamstring
(Does it matter of how the tape is applied as state one way it states it increases muscle length, also looking at acute effect).

Football is known to be the world 's most popular single sport and it is played in so many different levels by all different ages and gender (Giulianotti: 2012). Within football several players go down in pre-season with tight hamstrings resulting in injury.
It is known that after an analysis of epidemiological studies that muscle strains represent 41% of all injuries in English professional football clubs (Dadebo et al, 2004). Whereas in Australian football clubs where a study by Orchard 2002 found that 15%
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Therefore an effective warm-up and stretching are suggested to increase hamstring flexibility and reduce the risk of injury (O 'Sullivan et al., 2010).
The most popular used treatment used in sporting activities and clinic for athletes is taping and one of these taping methods is known as kinesio taping (K-tape) it is a popular treatment for several health conditions and it has been used for decade. K- Tape is used for athletes and traumatic injury prevention and procedures after a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries (Parreiraa et al., 2014 and Halski, et al., 2015). Kinesio tape is a kind of elastic tape and Dr. Kenzo Kase was the first person to developed the Kinesio taping method in 1979 (Espejo-Antúnez et al.
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There are several studies being carried out to back up the understanding of what kinesio taping is meant to do and its mechanisms (Espejo-Antúnez et al. 2015 and Fayson et al, 2103). Studies have said that the mechanisms underlying the effects are not yet fully understood but even though there is not a lot of evidence to back up the information a lot of sports athletes and clinics will still use it (Akbas, Atay and Yuksel: 2011). Kinesiology taping supportive mechanisms are explained to have the effect of controlled skin elevation which then improves the condition of the muscles by improving lymph and blood microcirculation (Kase et al., 2003). This is related to football because footballers needs to be able to increase their hamstring flexibility.
Significance/relevance of the study – how will it enhance the quality of the coaching experience?
The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of kinesio taping on a footballers hamstring flexibility using different taping techniques. This study will find out whether or not kinesio tape could improve flexibility or will it make no difference to a player and does it matter on the way it is applied to the athletes. If we can improve flexibility within footballers hamstring we can prevent hamstring injuries.
Hypothesis of data/ information collected

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