Slide Board Research Paper

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Slide Board
Product Information
The first slide board was designed by Former Miami Dolphins football player Jeff Markland and his initial purpose was to use in the rehabilitation of injured knee joints (Lloyd, 1992). Markland created his own model, and called it Kneedspeed, after having seen Eric Heiden, a gold medal speed skater in the Olympiads using a similar product (Lloyd, 1992). Then, Markland associated with Kathy Stevens of Reebok and they developed the Reebok slide board (Lloyd, 1992). In the 1990s, slide board came into the fitness field which also is called lateral slide training, but it did not gain much popularity; because the lateral sliding movements seemed unnatural if you lack the inner thigh strength to boost your bodies across the board (Lloyd, 1992). However, as objective of the slide board is increase the
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Because the muscles and ligaments involved in the lateral training may promote stabilization of the knee and prevention of injury (Blanpied et al., 2000). Some physical therapists use slide board training for rehabilitation of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) (Blanpied et al., 2000). Inner thigh strengthening is a significant part of recuperation in ALC and others medical procedures which involve knee ligaments (Blanpied et al., 2000); therefore this product can aid to restore some level of function.
Alternatives to Product
Mini trampoline is an alternative for slide board and also is considered low impact. The mini trampoline exercise has some similar benefits, such as improve aerobic fitness level and balance training on muscle strength of the flexors and extensors of the knee (Bunyaratavej and Heitkamp, et al). The price range is around $50- 129$ in Dick’s sporting goods. The advantages in front of slide board is more available at sporting stores or they can be found online via doing a search, also easy to performance and take less space.
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