Kids Should Not Be Banned From Schools Essay

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The one school rule that should be changed is the most ridiculous rule that there is no hugging. This rule is beyond ludicrous, A middle school in Canada was in the news recently for their “no loving, no shoving” policy, which is intended to prevent violence and sexual contact. Schools in Arizona, New Jersey and elsewhere have attempted to implement similar no-touch initiatives.(Lawrence J. Cohen and Anthony T. DeBenedet, M.D.)It’s completely insane that people on school premises shouldn’t hug on or around school grounds. The are absolutely tons of reasons why PDA shouldn’t be banned from schools like, it would cause children to depressed of their emotional side, it won’t let kids have any friends in school, but it does help in one way by helping with unnecessary distractions . In many people’s terms of reason they think it will affect their education, this essay will show disagreements.(Fictional_truths1) In the first paragraph this essay will talk of hugging around or on school grounds. many people throughout the world say that if children do not show their emotional side of themselves then they won’t …show more content…
In High School public displays of affection, or PBA, should be banned from our schools, For learning purposes high schoolers should not be found show intense displays of affection, it blocks most kids from learning anything in school. (Krispykream007) This is a great example of what pda does to kids in schools. In conclusion of this essay pda should not be banned from schools, for only three reasons. I if kids do not show their PDA they won’t have anything but depression, if they don’t they will not succeed in relationship goals with friends and allies, and on the counterclaim ,however; if kids don’t show their PDA then it would move away unnecessary distractions. I hope you enjoyed this essay as much as I had when I made

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