A Speech Every American High School Principal Essay

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Dennis Prager’s article “A Speech Every American High School Principal Should Give” states all the necessities of how school should be a strictly based area. His aversion for the obliteration of the programs, clubs, and classes at school may be convenient for him, but him against the whole world, it’s at odds. The concepts and ideas that he wants to implement is ludicrous and non applicable in the real world. It’s an actual mess and a half. During high school, that is the pivotal point for the youth who are trying to find themselves and see who th Having a sexual orientation and ethnic club, along with self-esteem programs helps teens in need, along with non-educational classes should most definitely be allowed, for it’s all educating matters of the real topic surfacing around the world.
Firstly, an individual’s background plays a huge role in who they are whether it has to do with talents, customs, culture, sexual orientation, or religion. I disagree with Prager where he states that, “your clubs will be based on interests and passions, not blood, ethnic, racial or other physically defined ties.” Not only is that completely absurd, but pure ignorance. That is literally the whole point of clubs; to interconnect with peers with the same background and culture. There is no need to censor clubs that may save someone’s life and broaden the perspective of any individual. “Nationwide, students are forming these groups in part to combat bullying and harassment of LGBT…

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