Kids Are Marine Brats, Some Are Navy Brats Essay

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Some kids are army brats, some kids are marine brats, some are navy brats… I, on the other hand, am a garage brat. My parents opened their own automotive repair business upon learning that my mother was pregnant. This business would expand into a towing company. Not surprisingly, my first memory is being in a truck. I was just two years old, and I was seated between my parents. This was before my parents abandoned their favorite hobby, drag racing, in order to be dedicated entrepreneurs. We had just finished a day at the track and were at a hotel for some reason. I don’t remember if Dad won, but I do remember the fireworks being shot off at the track. The hotel was so close to the drag strip that I could see the fireworks when I turned around and looked out the back glass. At this age, I do not recall having any concept of God or religion. This memory takes place before my mom enrolled me in “God School” and before I would interrogate the Jehovah’s Witnesses that would occasionally come to my house. I would be unable to define faith if asked, but I had it. Mostly, I had faith that my parents would take care of me, which is, I expect, what most two year olds have faith in. Due to my lack of knowledge of God, I do not know what He expected of me at this age. All I knew was that I someday wanted my dad to allow me to ride with him as he made a pass down the drags-trip. After all, two year olds don’t weigh much and they wouldn’t slow down or impact the run time of…

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