Growing Up Without Religion Essay

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Most people grow up religious, knowing who or what they believe in. Others grow up with no religion at all and only believe in what they see or experience on a daily basis. Growing up without a set religion can confuse a person quite a bit. There are many questions that are left unanswered. People grow up without religion for many different reasons, some being that they do not have transportation to a church, or that they do not live somewhere that has a church nearby, or maybe that they are just not interested in being religious at all. But all of those reasons are suffice, because nobody should be forced to go somewhere or do something that they don’t want to do. Being that one grew up not religious, going to a church would be a very interesting experience. A Christian church that is filled with hundreds of wonderful …show more content…
Growing up without a religion, I didn’t think was difficult at all. I just believed in everyday life and that things didn’t happen because God made them happed, they happened because of the choice I made. Going to church really opened my eyes on how I can view the world differently. How Jesus wasn’t just a man in my history book, but a leader of many believers all around the world. That he didn’t just die on a cross and was forgotten about, but is still worshiped to this day as he was back in 40 BCE. Going to church was a very eye opening experience, especially since it was nothing was I expected it to be. I expected to have to put on a nice dress and sing some songs from a book and then listen to a man talk for an hour about nothing that I knew. But that wasn’t the case. I was able to sing and dance along with the music, and could actually relate to what the pastor was saying to us. I am very glad that I chose to go to a new church, because it was not only a good topic for a paper, but I was also an experience that could possibly change the rest of my

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