Keeping A Healthy Relationship With People Essay

1020 Words Jun 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
To sustain a long, healthy relationship is being honest, respectful, nice doing that can help you’re relationship be better and stronger. I’ve noticed in many of the relationships I have with my friends and family is proving to them I’m truthful, responsible, trustworthy, and not only that share how your feeling let them know that your there and keep a positive attitude with them. Keeping a relationship strong and healthy you have to know how to communicate with each other. My relationships are strong for those reasons I take time out of my life to make sure that all those people and my relationship with them is good and communicate with them to see how things are going and let them know that I still care since I’m busy a lot of the time and that seems to be a lot of the time a problem for people is not being able to take even a few minutes of their time to show those people they still care.
I find myself able to maintain a healthy relationship with people because I take them very serious because those people mean a lot to me and that’s a very important thing in my life is having them close to me and making sure I keep up on making sure that everything is good and of course there’s problems I have to fix but I get to them either right away or as soon as I can I never put it behind me or put a major hold to it I fix it cause I don’t like when things go wrong and especially before they get worse and that’s why I’m very good at communicating with them so I know what’s going…

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