Kabul Beauty School By Debbie Rodriguez Essays

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Kabul Beauty School As a kid you never knew what you wanted to pursue a career in, one minute you wanted to be a doctor the next minute you wanted to be a teacher. Some people now that they are older still don’t know what they want to pursue a career in, I on the other hand have figured out the career path I want to take and that’d be Cosmetology. My nonfiction book I read, was Kabul Beauty School by Debbie Rodriguez, with the help of reading this book I know for a fact now that Cosmetology is what I’d like to do. Cosmetology is something that you may not get right away but if you put effort and time into it you will eventually get it and you can become something greater than you ever expected. Cosmetologists play a big role in this world, they are there to provide you with new up to date hair styles, teach you makeup styles, how to take care of your skin, nails, eyebrows and so much more, cosmetologist help to reveal your true beauty. Three specific points from this book that truly inspired me more to pursue in Cosmetology would be that even though Deborah Rodriguez was surrounded by men and women whose skills as doctors, nurses, and therapists had seemed more practical than her own (Debbie Rodriguez), she still continued to do what she had loved and wanted to provide the people of Afghanistan with the skills she had possessed. Also that she was able to become successful and was able to open her own beauty school and lastly that she was able to connect with the women…

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