A Career For A Career In Cosmetology

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Introduction Paragraph: The career I am doing for this project is Cosmetology. I chose this career because I’m in cosmetology at Apollo Career Center and I love learning and knowing about Cosmetology. I hope to learn more about what it is really like to work in an actual salon. I want to learn more about time management and the income and outcome of money of a salon. Also, I want to know how to run a salon.
Career Information: My work condition will be in an indoor building with stations to work at. There will also be right temperatures and easy working space. Some daily responsibilities would be making sure your station is cleaned up for each client, all your equipment is sanitized and properly put away, towels are nicely folded and put in
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This academy is a part of our local college, UNOH. This academy probably fits about 100- 200 people in the school. You would 1500 hours to complete and get your certificate for cosmetology. The certificate/ degree in cosmetology are called State Board License. The cost to go to this school would be around $5000 to $7000. You will learn how to do the hair, nails, waxing, facial, and massages. You also have a sit down class where you do book work and learn about the science of Cosmetology. This school is all about building up clientele and learning to talk to different kind of people. Right now, there is nothing you can find out about this school through the news. It always has commercials of the school on TV. Their only level of completion would be a State Board License. I would go all the way to get my State Boards License. This school is a school you would go to after to high school. You would already have your learning’s of math, science, Geography, etc. They require you to have a GED. If anything lower you cannot be accepted, unless you have a GED or higher. This program is you choose on how long the years will be. If you stay the whole time its 2-4 years. You have to have about 1500 hours to complete the

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