Essay on Just Eat Food Delivery Companies Around The World

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Just Eat
About Just Eat
The Just Eat story began in 2001, when a group of young Danes wanted to make ordering takeaway just a bit easier. They decided to gather the information of different takeaway restaurants, to ensure people have more options when the hunger strikes. The platform started operating in the UK in 2006 and it has since grown to become one of the country’s leading online takeaway platforms. From the site, hungry consumers can pick deliveries from over 30,000 restaurants in cities like Manchester, London and Birmingham.
Sister Companies
Just Eat has food delivery companies operating around the world. The sister organisations include HungryZone and
Retailer is Into
Just Eat is an online platform that provides its customers the option to order takeaway from different restaurants near their chosen location. Essentially, the customer inputs their unique postcode and the platform lets them know what takeaway options are available for them at that moment. The customer can then order the food and enjoy tasty treats. The different cuisines available include:
1. Restaurant types
a. Italian, Indian, Chinese, Pizza, Hamburger and Halal, etc.
Furthermore, the Just Eat online platform is available in most cities and towns in the UK. Some of the delivery locations include:
2. Delivery locations
a. Dundee, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester London, etc.…

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