Essay Jury Of The Jury System

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Juries The jury system has been a part of our society for hundreds of years. It was first created to give all defendants that option to be judged by their peers for their charges instead of by solely a judge. This provides an excellent opportunity to those who feel that their peers can give them a verdict that is not decided by the professional judge. However, this means that there may also be a prodigious amount of room for mistake in convictions. Therefore, the jury system is not as effective as a bench trial due to it not being judged by a professional on the subject of law, the manner in which the court selects jurors is unfair, and the way that the jury is forced to decide can cause some poor judgment. Judges are given the powers they have because they are professionals on their subject matter; however, a jury is not quite the same. A jury trial is a trial that has twelve randomly selected citizens coming to a verdict instead of a judge. While this may seem like a fair and just idea, one also must realize that since the selection is random, there may be some people who are not open-minded enough to vote for what may be true. For instance, in document E, cartoon 1, there is a cartoon depicting a jury and the thoughts that are going through their head (Document E). However, contrary to what one might believe, over half of the jury is either not paying attention or having an unfair judgment of the trial. This is a problem that could be easily resolved by a bench…

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