Jury Nullification In The Jury System

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“I only consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to its principles of its constitution.” Thomas Jefferson said this when talking about the jury system. He is saying that the jury process is one of the few ways that people can make sure that the government is following their own rules. People have been questioning the government system lately with everything that has been going on. For instance, Edward Snowden gave up his life to show the people of the United States what the government has been doing. Snowden was working for the government, making over six figures to provide for himself and his wife. All of that was gone as soon as he leaked the information. The reason the people from …show more content…
They ended up creating their own government. The new government was not meant to be too powerful to control the lives of the people. Jefferson 's quote is saying the same thing, but informing people of the potential power of the jury. Jurors have more power than they know about.

The power of jurors is known as jury nullification which means the jury has the power to overturn bad laws. Jury members are able to declare laws unjust, and determine if the law should be applied in a certain scenario or case. William Penn was mentioned in the video as an example of jury nullification. Penn was protesting on the streets which were illegal back then, but the jury did not convict him. The judge was so frustrated, so he tried to arrest four of the jury members. The higher courts overruled his arrest request. When the government was first established, the jury was encouraged to decide how they wanted, even
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Yes, jurors should be aware of their right to determine what they think should happen, no matter what the law states. In the video, judges decide if the jurors get to know their right as a jury member. They will not do it because they do not want the jury members to overrule the judge’s opinion. On the other hand, people would take advantage of this. People who are rich could easily pay off some of the jury members to walk away from a situation clean. For example, Bruce Jenner ran over someone. This action is illegal, and Bruce Jenner could have been in a lot of trouble. I personally do not remember the whole detail, but I know he was not sent to prison. If Bruce killed the person he ran over, that is breaking the law for taking someone’s life. The jury members could withhold the law and say what happened was not illegal because of some reason. If we say the person was jaywalking across the street, the jury could say Jenner did nothing wrong, and that the person was at fault. If the jury members did not know about jury nullification, Jenner could be sentenced because he broke the law, so he should be

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